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No one wants to eat celery and our dogs don’t have to either!

Many factors can affect our pet’s weight including our love for them and the pleasure we get from giving them a tasty treat.

But did you know over 83% of people don’t weigh their pet’s food allowance?

Simple yet effective changes can fit perfectly in to a busy lifestyle to help keep our pets in great condition.

So what can we do to help your pet have a healthier and more active life?

Choosing the right diet for your pet is the best starting place.
There are many different options including:
  • Accurately weighing out their current food
  • Changing to a ‘light’ diet
  • Changing to a specific weight control diet


Exercise is an easy way to aid your pet’s weight loss but you need to ensure that you gradually increase their exercise over a time period.

Ways to increase exercise can include:

Extending your morning or evening walk by 5 minutes increasing this over time
Get your pet to work for their dinner using feeding cubes or games
Try different activities such as agility or hydrotherapy
If walking is difficult or time restricted look at booking a dog walker or pet crèche

How to monitor and track progress?

We always recommend coming to see our trained nurses for advice before any lifestyle changes including diet and exercise. At this point your nurse will be able to accurately measure areas such as the waist and chest and provide a ‘body condition score’.

This gives you something to compare to during your pet’s journey. From there fortnightly or monthly weigh-ins will help you all see your progress.

How do I start?

Firstly, don’t worry you are not alone!

During February we have no joining fee and at your pet’s initial visit our specially trained nurses will create a bespoke 6-month plan for your pet based on your current lifestyle and their fitness levels.

Neutering Health Plan

With our neutering healthplan you can now upgrade your VIP Health Club to include the cost of neutering – with a £40 discount!

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