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At Thameswood we believe preventative healthcare is the key to helping your pet live a long and healthy life.

Taking positive steps right from the start will help to prevent disease and other problems arising in your pet. Preventative healthcare is something every pet owner should be providing for this treasured member of the family.

Essentially, its all about getting the basics of pet care right from the start and maintaining the correct level of care throughout their lives.

dog having k-laser treatment at Thameswood Vets
Annual health check and vaccination

This is a very important part of preventative healthcare as it means that your pet will undergo an annual health-check by our vets who will not only examine various aspects of your pets health such as heart, lungs, ears, eyes, teeth etc but will be able to advise on any of your concerns or give advice on any aspect of your pets lifestyle.

After your pets initial vaccination course annual ‘boosters’ keep your pet protected against some of the most common and often fatal diseases.

Worming Treatment

You cannot always tell when your pet has worms, particularly in cases of mild infestation. Puppies and kittens should be wormed at regular often monthly intervals until six months of age.

Adult cats and dogs need to be wormed every three months throughout their adult life. This protects not only your pet, but your family as well, as particular worms can be transmitted to vulnerable members of the household.

Flea and Tick Treatment

Every dog and cat is likely to pick up fleas and ticks at some point in their life and these not only cause irritation but irritate skin allergies and contribute to worm infestation and spread disease. Adult fleas can lay in excess of 50 eggs a day and so can soon take over.

Safe and effective treatments can be applied monthly to cats and bi-monthly to dogs and can also protect your home from further infestation.


If you are not breeding from your pet and have considered neutering as an option then we would recommend talking to either our vets or our nurses to discuss the ideal time and both the benefits and any concerns that neutering may give you.

Neutering in females will eliminate seasons and prevent unwanted pregnancy’s, ovarian or uterine tumours and can sometimes reduce the risk of breast cancer.

In male’s it can prevent testicular tumours and reduce the risk of prostatic disease, aggression and excessive sexual behaviour. In cats it also reduces the tendency to roam.

Dental Healthcare

Smelly breath? – Dental care is as important in pets as it is in us and in cats even more so as it can be a main contributor to renal disease.

Simple steps like feeding your pet a dry specially formulated dental control diet such as vet essentials can help a great deal. Training your pet from a young age to allow you to look in their mouth and brush their teeth can reduce dental disease and the subsequent dental bills that follow.

Daily brushing is the gold standard of dental care and introducing pets to this from a young age can prevent tartar (hard brown material) and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). Once this is present, your pet will need a general anaesthetic to have the teeth descaled and polished.

If untreated periodental disease can lead to extensive loss of teeeth and cause extreme discomfort and ill health. Dental treatment costs are usually excluded from any pet insurance policy and you must factor in the cost of a dental at least every 3-5 years for your pet as part of your preventative healthcare plan.


They say you are what you eat ! providing a good quality pet food especially during both the formative years and in old age will substantially benefit your pet both by maintaining internal organs in good shape, skin and coat healthy, immunity against disease strong and active and will often be one of the main contributors to longevity of your pets life.

Advanced pet foods such as hills vet essentials not only have the resources of the top nutritionists in the world but are economical [ you feed less than cheaper food] and palatable.