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Thameswood Youth Clubs – Helping to break bad habits

The first few months of your puppy’s life are crucial and can affect the rest of their lives.

We know that dragging your dog to the vets with his heels dug in is the image of most people think when taking their dog to the vets, but not at Thameswood.

Dogs that have attended youth club can’t wait to bound in the door for fusses and treats.

youth club at Thameswood Vets

So what are youth clubs?

Youth clubs are monthly appointments which are free to health club members, where the nurse will check weight and development, advice on training, administer worming and flea control, clip nails, advice on neutering and any other concerns you may have.

Your trained nurse will see you through the first year of your lives together and you can ask any questions you have during your meetings or in a simple phone call to someone who knows you and your puppy.

Because every visit is full of fun and treats for your pet your puppy will love coming back and with bonus freebies along the way so will you!

Contact your nearest clinic for more information or to book in.