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This is Molly enjoying one of her regular K-laser treatments.

K-Laser is just one of the complimentary treatments we offer at the clinic and can help with conditions such as arthritis as in Molly’s case.

Why not find out more about K-Laser by reading below

dog having k-laser treatment at Thameswood Vets

Benefits of Laser Therapy

It’s non-invasive

As opposed to other forms of treatment which could be quite invasive on the body, such as surgery, this therapy is very gentle. Your dog or cat is simply lying or sitting in a comfy position on a soft bed, while one of the nurses or vets directs the laser beam at the appropriate area.

It’s non-painful

It can even be relaxing! No pressure or awkward positioning of the animal is needed for the laser beam to do its work. The laser beam will not cause any pain; instead, most pets will feel a slightly warm sensation.

It can be used to treat osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia

Laser treatment can be used both to alleviate the pain and the inflammation associated with these chronic conditions. Some dogs who were hardly able to walk before treatment can now walk and move much better after several laser therapy sessions. It is fantastic to see their quality of life improve so much and sometimes see the list of medications go down quite drastically!

It helps your pet recover after an operation

We offer this therapy to cats and dogs that have had surgery. The surgical wound will heal faster and better when treated with the laser, as it promotes healing. It can also improve tendon and ligament function.

You can stay with your pet during treatment

If your pet is a bit nervous about going to the vets, it can be really comforting for them if you are in the same room when treatment is being given. With laser therapy this is possible, as long as there are no risk factors, such as pregnancy, pace-maker, or suspected neoplasia! You have to wear safety goggles as a precaution.

It reduces pain without medication

Amazing! But how does it work? Laser therapy is the use of focused beams of light (red and infrared) being directed at a part of the body – this stimulates the cells to produce a therapeutic effect. We love the idea of using fewer medications.

Laser treatment costs are covered by most insurance companies

This therapy is now a well-accepted mode of therapy, and its usefulness is recognised by insurance companies. You should check to see if your pet insurance policy covers this treatment.

It can be used to treat skin conditions

Skin conditions associated with ear problems, gingivitis in the mouth and skin pyoderma respond well to the therapy through the reduction of inflammation and associated soreness.

It can be used to treat strains

Muscle, tendon and ligament strains can be treated with laser therapy as it relieves muscle contracture and reduces inflammation. This is very useful for sudden injuries as it relieves pain and speeds up recovery. These conditions usually require few sessions of laser treatment.