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Welcome to your new kitten

kittensAt our clinics we pride ourselves on “making life better” and we feel the key to this is preventative health care. As an award winning cat friendly practice we want clients who wish the best for their cat and are prepared to put in the rewarding work that ensures their kitten grows and lives life to the full.

Once registered and upon your initial visit you will receive a warm welcome and be introduced to your vet and nurse. At your initial visit your vet will give your kitten a Free full health examination which all being well will enable the vet to discuss and vaccinate your kitten.

After this our nurses will spend around 20 minutes (longer if required) with you to discuss all aspects of your new adventure together. You will receive 4 weeks free insurance, a free bag of the worlds leading food and their first month’s flea treatment. Additional checks during your cats first six months for weight and development are also included in the vaccination price and will be explained throughout this information pack.

Throughout this handout your kitten is referred to as he – all comments apply equally to female kittens as well.


We recommend routine vaccinations against feline infectious enteritis, viral respiratory disease (cat flu) and feline leukaemia for all cats and kittens. The first vaccination is due at nine weeks and the second at 12 weeks.

Your kitten will not be fully protected (and should not venture outside) until one week after the second injection. To maintain protection it is essential that all cats receive annual boosters for their rest of their lives.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your cat’s lifestyle and what vaccination regime would be most appropriate.


You should worm your kitten every month from four weeks till six months of age. Thereafter all cats should be wormed for roundworms and tapeworms every three months.

It is important that a safe and effective prescription wormer such as Milbemax is used at the correct dose.


Kittens can come to you with fleas. In addition, kittens that grow into active cats will often bring fleas into your home. If you are not treating your cats against fleas then these will breed in your home and can lead to a population explosion of fleas!

We recommend treating your kitten with a safe and effective spot-on or spray such as Frontline, Frontline Combo or Stronghold as soon as possible to prevent this from happening, and repeating the treatment every four weeks for life.

We will provided a free kitten frontline and your nurse can show you how to apply this.


We recommend a complete dry kitten food such as Vet essential kitten food. This will provide your pet with an excellent, well balanced and nutritious diet, specially designed to provide all the requirements of a growing kitten.

Because these diets are nutritionally balanced they are best if they are not added to in any way. Your nurse will give you a free supply of vet essentials and some discount vouchers.


Neutering can be carried out as early as 5 months of age unless you are planning to breed, your nurse will discuss what this involves and the most suitable time for your kitten when you come to his pre neutering check up.

Pet Health Club

Would you like to save up to £60?!
We understand that you want the best for your puppy but that it comes at a cost. The Pet Health club enables you to spread the cost of preventative care such as vaccinations, worming, and flea treatment by splitting it into a manageable monthly payment.

You also receive a 10% discount on preventative care and retail products in the clinic such as Hills pet food, toothbrushes, toys, grooming equipment etc. You also receive £40.00 discount on neutering or £50.00 discount on dental treatment and a free identichip.


We always recommend pet insurance. Unexpected illness or accident can be very costly and being insured brings peace of mind.

Please ask one of the practice team for information on insurance cover for your pet.


An identity chip is a permanent way to identify your kitten, and it means that he is always traceable back to you if he should go missing.

We can chip your kitten from 8 weeks of age and this is free to all our Pet Health Club clients. We can also supply a wide range of pet identification tags that you can choose at reception.

Dental Care

Dental care is as important for cats as it is for people. Bad teeth cause pain, bad breath and infection, which can spread to other parts of the cat’s body. Start at an early age to get your kitten used to having its teeth cleaned.

It is important to use one of our specially formulated toothpaste, and a finger brush which usually works well. This should be done every day. There are a number of other ways of helping to keep your cat’s teeth as clean and healthy as possible. Your nurse will go through your options at the time your kitten is developing his adult teeth.


It is important to get your new kitten used to being handled from the very beginning. Run your hands over the kitten, look in his ears and mouth, and brush his coat with a soft brush.

This is particularly important for long-coated cats who will need regular grooming to stay comfortable and clean.

House Training

Cats have a natural instinct to use litter or soil, so they are easily trained to use a litter tray. Place the tray in a quiet but easily accessible place, making sure that the cat is aware of it – it may help to carry them to it every hour or so initially.

Remove soiled litter regularly as a cat may reject a dirty litter tray. Do not place the litter tray close to where the cat eats. If you wish your cat eventually to go in the garden, gradually move the tray towards the cat flap and then outside.


Kittens get underfoot so care should be taken not to step on them. Slamming doors can also be very dangerous. Cats may climb into drawers, washing machines and fridges, so make sure that doors are firmly shut!

Your cat may be attracted to your car because of the warmth from the engine so remember to check underneath before driving off.

Always feel free to contact us with any concerns or queries you may have

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