Purton Road

62-64 Purton Road
Wiltshire SN2 2LZ
01793 526780

Greenbridge Road

1A Oppenheimer
Greenbridge Road
Swindon SN3 3LH
01793 511267

Wootton Bassett

39B Station Road
Royal Wootton Bassett
Swindon SN4 7ED
01793 230266

2-3pm 13th November at our Greenbridge clinic
3-4pm 14th November at our Purton Road clinic

*Spaces are limited so contact us today on 01793 526780 to book your space*

Pauline will be on hand to demonstrate some of the techniques used and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Physio at Thameswood Vets

For over 4 years Pauline has been working with our pets providing physiotherapy sessions to help rehabilitate pets post-surgery or injury and manage conditions such as arthritis or muscle wastage.

Typically, treatment involves gentle manipulation, accompanied with a rehabilitation exercise program.
Physiotherapy is extremely beneficial for older pets. This is because as joints and muscles age they become stiff, weak and painful which can lead to pets becoming less active and less willing to move, which in turn accelerates degeneration.

Physiotherapy can be a useful, non-invasive treatment for older animals, that may be used solely or in conjunction with other veterinary treatments.

Every animal and owner’s situation are unique, so no standard exercise program is handed out instead time is taken to discuss the individual needs of the pet and how this can fit in with the owner’s circumstances.

Physiotherapy sessions often work well alongside other non-invasive therapies such as k-laser which can be performed prior to the physiotherapy session.

Physiotherapy sessions are £49.18 for the initial assessment and £43.70 for follow up sessions, the cost of which is covered under most good insurance policies.


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