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Important Arthritis checks

Arthritis is something that effects most people and this is the same for our pets. Most people accept arthritis as part of ‘getting old’ but it can often be a painful condition and with practical management at home and appropriate treatment (not always medication) pets can often live a longer happier life.

It is so important to have your elderly pets checked by our vets and nurses. These assessments combined with a full health check enables us to work with you and your pet to ‘make life better’.

dog having k-laser treatment at Thameswood Vets

Arthritis is something that effects us all and our pets are no different. It can often be a painful condition but with a little extra support your pet can enjoy life to the full.

With practical advice on changes that can be made at home to therapeutic laser, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy there is tailored help and support for all our clients.

Arthritis management can include:

* Appropriate bedding
* Ramps / Steps
* K.Laser
* Pain relief
* Anti-inflammatory
* Physiotherapy
* Hydrotherapy
* And Much Much More

Contact your closest clinic to book your pets in for a check today

Welcome to Belly Busters!

Many factors can affect our pet’s weight including our love for them and the pleasure we get from giving them a tasty treat

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